Regional agricultural projects

mobile slaughter systems:
Pasture slaughtering, partially mobile or fully mobile slaughter systems are legally allowed if compliant to valid EU requirements and meet the increasing demand of consumers for products of the highest quality

Maintenance and recommissioning of regional slaughterhouses:
Feasibility studies and operational concepts adapted to a region serve as the basis for an economically viable operation

Small-scale meat processing and regionally oriented meat marketing:
Providing a perspective for companies to perform slaughter by themselves and to market regionally produced meat and processed meat products

in selected projects:

Life according to the peculiarity of the animals (Sebastian Pick, D 93437 Furth im Wald) We are talking about the way the visionary and maker Sebastian Pick raises his cattle, slaughters them and offers the meat. “Joe Black” was his first ox, hence the company name. Sebastians Angus-Ochsen-herd lives on extensive about 100 ha pastures around the village Lukova/Pilsen. The animals enjoy a quality of life that is extremely fair to your species. They can live out their behaviors. In the protection of the flock with the pups run, eat and lay down, how and where they want. The calves stay with the suckler cow as long as they want. Best natural food, in summer grass and in winter hay, without the addition of concentrates and antibiotics fed until the last day has arrived. (Source 23.08.2020 by Redaktion Ökona)

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